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Montag, 11.07.2022

Summer Seminar in Schloss Seggau

Last month we had another edition of our annual summer Seminar on International Constitutional Law. This time, the seminar had a special touch because…

Montag, 11.07.2022

Talk in Bologna

Professor Klatt was in the last University of Bologna Law Review Colloquium discussing "Balancing Rights: Theoretical Perspectives". The Colloquium is…

Mittwoch, 29.06.2022

Two International Guests

This first semester brought us two long-standing visiting scholars. Piero Mattei-Gentili, from Mexico, and Pedro Marque Neto, from Brazil, spend some…

Montag, 30.05.2022

Professor Klatt Talks in Brno

This month, Professor Klatt delivered the Keynote Lecture 'Balancing Legal Principles' at the Weyr Days for Legal Theory 2022. The event took place at…

Freitag, 29.04.2022

Successful Arqus Twinning Activity

in co-operation with Prof. Elena Pariotti from the University of Padova

Mittwoch, 30.03.2022

We Are Hiring!

We are hiring! We are searching for a University Assistant without doctorate starting the 1st of May 2022 or later! The position comes with a 4-year…

Freitag, 25.03.2022

Our year in review 2021

Our new yearly review is out now! https://bit.ly/3iCgdKy 2021 was still a different and challenging year. But we were able to maintain our…

Dienstag, 15.03.2022

Professor Alon Harel's visit

The first months of 2022 were exceptional for the GJ Team and our Law Faculty at the University of Graz. From mid-January until mid-February, we…

Dienstag, 15.03.2022

Prof. Klatt New Publication on Taking Rights Less Seriously

Professor Klatt's "Levando os Direitos Menos a Sério" is just published in the Brazilian book "Atual Juidiário. Ativismo ou Atitude", which discusses…

Freitag, 04.03.2022

Professor Klatt Nominated for Arqus Teaching Award 2022

The University of Graz has nominated Professor Klatt for the first Arqus Teaching Award. The Arqus Teaching Award honours outstanding achievements in…

Freitag, 04.03.2022

Call for Application: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Apply today! Contact jurisprudencee@uni-graz.at For all interested PostDocs: Under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Programme, you can now come to…

Donnerstag, 20.01.2022

Lehrveranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2022

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