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Mittwoch, 17.05.2023

With regard to the online examination of the English lecture "Legal Philosophy" on (13/06/2023), the exam questions will be limited to the following three chapters:


§ § 3 - The Concept of Law

Alexy, Law and Morality: a continental European perspective, pp 8465-8469. 2001.

§4 - The Validity of Law

Alexy, The Argument from Injustice, pp 83-122. 2003.

§9 - Legal Argumentation and the Rule of Law

Klatt, The Rule of Dual Natured Law. 2016.

Exam questions also address​ the word spoken during the relevant lectures. It is generally not recommended to limit the exam preparation to slides from the repetitorium only.  All relevant reading materials and access to the presentations are provided for you in moodle. Please bear in mind that in order to access the materials in moodle, you need to be formally registered for the lecture in UniGrazOnline. We apologise for any inconvenience, but we cannot register students manually if they have not yet registered themselves at the beginning of the semester.

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