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GJ Talk: Vitaly Ogleznev - Axioms, Norms, and the Constitution

Freitag, 12.11.2021

Univ.-Prof. Dr. iur. Matthias Klatt and Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Benedikt Harzl 
warmly request the pleasure of your company at the next 
Graz Jurisprudence Talk. 

Axioms, Norms, and the Constitution
Prof. Dr. Vitaly Ogleznev
Tomsk State University
02.12.2021, 5 p.m. s.t.
HS 15.04
RESOWI Zentrum, Universitätsstrasse 15
The Constitution can be considered as an informal axiomatic system. This point of view rests on the follow-ing propositions: (1) axioms are considered as contextual definitions of those concepts by means of which they are formulated; and (2) the main requirement for this type of system is internal consistency. The first proposition is necessary for considering the Constitution as an informal axiomatic system, while the second is sufficient. In this case, the Constitution can be compared to axiomatic constructions in the sense that is given in the research on the logic and methodology of deductive sciences. This analogy is appropriate to the extent to which constitutional provisions are interpreted as the basic elements of the legal system, just as in the formal sciences axioms are regarded as basic principles that define the main features of the formal sys-tem. This means that the Constitution itself can be seen as coherent, consistent discourse that contextually defines the meaning of the basic concepts of the legal system.

COVID security measures: Please register via e-mail to jurisprudence@uni-graz.at to allow for contact trac-ing. Participation requires complying with 2-G (vaccination or recovery proof) and wearing a FFP2 mask.

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