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International Guests and Fellows in 2023

Montag, 13.02.2023

Our Research Centre kicked off the new year with three international guests, which are staying with us between January and March.

Benjamin Meeusen is a PhD candidate at the University of Ghent and is currently in the finishing stages of his doctoral program. His research examines the issue of judicial review and the proportionality test, particularly with respect to the jurisprudence of the Belgian Constitutional Court. On February 15th, he will host a GJ Workshop in which he discusses selected results of his research project.

Stéphane Beaulac is a professor at the University of Montreal. His research focuses on Canadian constitutional law, public international law, and the relationship between those two bodies of law. On February 9th, he held a GJ Talk discussing “Metaprinciples, Interlegality, and Recent Case Law”. During his stay here at Graz Jurisprudence, Professor Beaulac aims to finalise the Chapter “Theory of Interpretation” in the forthcoming book “L’interprétation du droit – traités internationaux, textes constitutionnels, législation et règlements, contrats privés”. His research stay is financed through the Land Steiermark Fellowship-Programme of the Faculty of Law at the University of Graz.

Andrés Santacoloma Santacoloma also holds a Land Steiermark Fellowship. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Frankfurt, from which he also holds an LL.M. During his research stay at Graz Jurisprudence, he wants to focus on the boundaries of words, dense concepts, and the unsaturation of human rights. On March 23rd, he will hold a GJ Workshop pertaining to his research area.

Graz Jurisprudence is delighted to receive such a diverse array of scholars. We hope that our guests have a fruitful and pleasant research stay with us and thank them for the talks and discussions with them, which greatly contribute to our own research as well!

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