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New Translation of the "The Constitutional Structure of Proportionality" Published

Montag, 20.12.2021

The GJ Team is pleased to announce the release of the book "La Estrutura Constitucional del Principio de Proportionalidad", published by Marcial Pons (Madrid). The book comprises the translation of the multi-awarded "The Constitutional Structure of Proportionality" authorship of our Univ.Prof. Dr.iur Matthias Klatt and Dr. Moritz Meister into the Spanish language. The translation counted on the excellent work of Héctor Alejandro Morales Zuñiga, who also made the introductory study of the book and even proposed changes to the original version. We are very grateful to Héctor Zuñiga and Marcial Pons for the publication.

The paperback and e-book versions are now available for acquisition here.

We are delighted to broaden the access and discussions proposed in the original book and look forward to hearing what you think of this new publication!

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