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Online GJ Talk with Vitaly Ogleznev

Montag, 13.12.2021

On Dec. 2nd, we had our GJ Talk with Vitaly Ogleznev due to a partnership between Univ.-Prof. Dr. iur. Matthias Klatt and Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr Benedikt Harzl. This was our first online GJ Talk due to COVID-19 security measures. But it was an exciting first experience!
Prof. Ogleznev supported the premise that the Constitution can be considered an informal axiomatic system. This point of view rests on the following propositions: (1) axioms are considered as contextual definitions of those concepts by means of which they are formulated, and (2) the main requirement for this type of system is internal consistency. The first proposition is necessary for considering the Constitution as an informal axiomatic system, while the second is sufficient.
We finished the event with a long run of interesting questions and answers from all the attendees.

It is possible to find some of Prof. Ogleznev ideas here.

We are delighted with the current partnership and looking forward to the following events!

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