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Prof. Klatt New Publication on Taking Rights Less Seriously

Dienstag, 15.03.2022

Professor Klatt's "Levando os Direitos Menos a Sério" is just published in the Brazilian book "Atual Juidiário. Ativismo ou Atitude", which discusses Judicial Review topics and counts with contributions from plenty of authors worldwide spread. The book takes a new breath on such a well-known topic as Judicial Review is.

In this paper, Professor Klatt achieves a new model to look at the concept of Law, generally, and to constitutional adjudication, specifically. Starting from an in-depth review of the pros and cons of both Ronald Dworkin's and Herbert L. A. Hart's legal theories, achieving what should be maintained and, on the other hand, what should be surpassed. The result is a model that reunites what both can offer the best, such as the normativity of principles, on Dworkin's behalf, and the necessity to accept some sort of discretion on Hart's behalf.

We are very glad to extend the dialogue between GJ and the Portuguese speaking people.

Article information: Klatt, Matthias (2022): Levando os direitos menos a sério. Uma análise estrutural da discricionariedade judicial. In: Cláudia Toledo (Hg.): Atual Juidiário. Ativismo ou Atitude. Belo Horizonte: Editora Fórum, S. 137–168.​

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