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Summer Seminar in Schloss Seggau

Montag, 11.07.2022

Last month we had another edition of our annual summer Seminar on International Constitutional Law. This time, the seminar had a special touch because we could personally welcome students from the University of Bologna. UniBo students had also participated in the last two years, but only online due to the pandemic.


The seminar took place in the hotel Schloss Seggau and consisted of two days of presentations, discussions and group activities. During these two days, we engaged in serious debates, exchanging ideas on "Balancing Rights and Interests" during the official academic programme and the moments of relaxation and more leisurely encounters.


The results were many moments of high-level academic learning, exchanging cultures and ideas and pleasant interaction. We are grateful to have staged another fruitful step in the evolving cooperation between the Graz Jurisprudence Research Centre and the Institutes of Constitutional Law and Legal Philosophy in Bologna.


You can find the pictures of the event here.

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