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Two International Guests

Mittwoch, 29.06.2022

This first semester brought us two long-standing visiting scholars. Piero Mattei-Gentili, from Mexico, and Pedro Marque Neto, from Brazil, spend some months researching with us!

Piero Mattei-Gentilli has his PhD in Philosophy of Law from the University of Girona, Spain. He stayed with us from March until June and was a visiting member of Graz Jurisprudence thanks to the Land Steiermark Fellowship. During his stay, Piero researched conceptual implications that follow legal theory from the statement that custom is a source of law and, therefore, that there are customary legal norms.

Pedro Marques Neto is a PhD candidate at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and is a visiting researcher in Graz Jurisprudence from February until July, supported by the Erasmus+ international mobility programme. His research here is part of his doctoral topics related to the nature of rights and its implications for the debate on the judicial review of the democratic process.

Besides being very active and promoting plenty of discussions, both also held presentations in our GJ Workshops, which were successful ones!

We thank you guys for all your contributions to our group and wish to see you again soon!

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