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Graz Jurisprudence Lectures

Our flagship events Graz Jurisprudence Lectures takes place once per year. We invite outstanding international scholars from the fields of legal philosophy and constitutional theory. 

Graz Jurisprudence Talks

Our Graz Jurisprudence Talks are staged several times during term time. Our guest speakers are established scholars who present current or recently published work.

Graz Jurisprudence Workshops

Graz Jurisprudence Workshops have a studio atmosphere. Invited Scholars discuss work in progress with us in an informal and open way.

Graz Jurisprudence Seminars

Graz Jurisprudence Seminars provide a teaching opportunity for international scholars. Our students benefit from these seminars by means of “internationalization at home”.


…psst! This is private. Our group’s reading club. By invitation only.

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