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Graz Jurisprudence Seminars

Graz Jurisprudence Seminars provide a teaching opportunity for international scholars. Our students benefit from these seminars by means of “internationalization at home”.

April 3rd, 2019

Dr. Kenneth Einar Himma

Am Mittwoch, 03. April 2019 gibt Dr. Kenneth Einar Himma im Rahmen der LV Legal Ethics and Legal Politics ein Graz Jurisprudence Seminar zum Thema "Conceptual Methodology and Classical Natural Law Tradition". Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt. Eine Anmeldung zum Seminar ist nicht erforderlich.

April 26th - 27th 2017

Dr. Miodrag Jovanovic | University of Belgrade

Professor Dr. Miodrag Jovanovic was a guest at Graz Jurisprudence during April 2017. He taught the following topics: "International law as a subject of legal philosophy", "What (if anything) is special about legal reasoning?", "Theories of legal interpretation" and "Theorizing immigration: ethico-political aspects".

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