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Graz Jurisprudence provides innovative, interactive, international, and interdisciplinary teaching.

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What we teach

We teach in the first and in the third stages of the Law degree program. We discuss with our students the fundamental questions related to philosophy and legal theory which are relevant to every dogmatic discipline (Public law, Private law, Criminal law). The students acquire from us useful skills for their studies and their future work-life - regardless the field of the law that they are going to be specialized in.


What we offer

We explore the law from different perspectives. We enable our students to apply the law in a reflexive and critical way. We discuss with them the relations between the various elements our legal systems consist of. We employ manifold means to provide a challenging and motivating learning atmosphere. We use innovative learning methods and E-Learning. We provide personal advice to our students in our office hours.


Our courses

In the first stage of the degree program we offer two mandatory disciplines: Legal Ethics and Legal Policy (Rechtsethik und Rechtspolitik) as well as Legal Theory and Legal Reasoning (Rechtstheorie und juristische Methodenlehre). In every term we offer both courses as a Lecture (Vorlesung - VO) and as a Course (Kurs - KS).

Our seminars deal with a variety of topics of legal philosophy. They are open to students in both first and second stage of the degree program. In our seminars we examine the general concepts and normative foundations of Law and the State. We discuss relevant questions that are either of a timeless importance or figure prominently in current international debates.


International approach

We appreciate staying connected with eminent international discussions, for example, through the choices of the subjects or literature we work with. Moreover, we offer some courses in English, such as International Constitutional Law and Legal Ethics and Legal Politics (Professor Klatt). We also invite international guests to present their work in the Graz Jurisprudence Seminars, usually held in English. Our academic staff often teaches abroad.



Our courses are of interest for students of study paths different from law. Professor Klatt teaches in the Master's Programme Political, Economic and Legal Philosophy (PELP). 

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